Singer, songwriter, entertainer, philanthropic, an inventor, a motivator, an entrepreneur and an athlete.

Roy James Gray was born to Clarence and Gloria Gray in a two-bedroom house in San Jose, California on July 4. He has an older sister, Eileen and a younger brother Rocky.

The family moved to Sacramento, California when Roy was 10 years of age. While in school, Roy immersed himself in sports. I  Junior High, he was on the teams for gymnastics, football, and wrestling.   It was during this time that Roy's wrestling coach turned him on to the world of martial arts, the San Juan Judo Club.   Roy graduated from Del Campo High School, where he competed in football, wrestling, and track and field.

Roy then went to American River College, where he began playing collegiate football, wrestling, and martial arts. While competing for the wrestling team, he twisted his ankle, resulting in a one-year hiatus from sports, in order to heal and be eligible to compete for the next two years. However, the following year, ARC dropped the wrestling team.  This event led Roy down an entirely different path, where he set aside sports competition to pursue his true love, music!

It just so happened that Roy loved to sing, and was strongly influenced by the pop, country, and rock music of the time. When Roy was around 4-5 years of age, certain entertainers on TV would draw him up to the television where he would dance and sing to the music. When Roy was 9 years of age his father asked if he wanted to learn how to play an instrument like the piano or maybe the guitar. Roy's parents and sister had had piano lessons before, but Roy's reply was, "No, all the bands have guitar, bass, piano, and drums in them.  I want to do something different".  So his father said, how about the accordion, to which Roy replied, "What's that?"  His father said you know all the western movies you watch where they play the squeezebox by the campfires and sing, too which Roy replied "Yea!" with great enthusiasm.

After a year on the accordion, learning songs like "Tic-Toc-Polka" and "Lady of Spain", learning how to read and write music, and

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winning awards, the family moved to Sacramento, CA due to his father being transferred to another company.  Since accordion lessons were too distant and expensive in Sacramento, Roy decided to learn the guitar.  Unfortunately, Roy wasn't really practicing the guitar much and was repeating the same folk, country, and rock lessons over and over.  Bored from the lack of progress of his own making, Roy stopped taking guitar lessons within less than a year.  Six months later, however, he picked up the guitar again...and this time never, put it down again, learning songs from the '40s to the contemporary music of that time.  This is also the time that he began writing his own original material.

What Roy remembers most clearly from this time is his mother yelling either, "You haven't practiced the guitar all week and you have your lessons tonight", or "Will you put that guitar down and do something else?!".  Roy went on to teach himself how to play the piano, bass, drums, and a few other instruments.  Roy has had many influences, but his biggest influence and role model/mentor in his singing career has been his father.  Roy says, "If I can sing half as good as my dad, I'd be on top of the world".

Roy's mom never wanted him to pursue a music career due to all the drugs, alcohol, and parties that were an integral part of the industry, she was afraid that he would fall into that trap.  To this day, Roy has never partaken in drugs of any kind, does not drink alcohol, and keeps a very level head.  In light of this, it is ironically notable that the first band he ever joined was called, "The LSD Band".  It is perhaps no less ironic that the band later changed its name to "Roy Gray and the LSD Band".  Other band names he has performed under include, Roy and the Boys", Roy Gray and the Blue Moon Boys", "Roy Gray and the Rockers", "Shades of Gray", "Roy Gray and Eclypse", and just plain old "Roy Gray".

As an innovative singer, songwriter, and entertainer, Roy is always striving to improve his shows, write new material and come up with something different that no one else does.  One has been his backflip while playing the guitar.


On a local level, Roy would have routinely drawn crowds of 70 to 85 people.  Roy traveled the northern and southern parts of California, as well as Nevada, for a while playing in country, blues, punk-rock, and rock venues, including fairs and festivals.  He then toured throughout the US, turning heads for outstanding performances with standing ovations in such venues as Doc Severinsen's in Oklahoma (Orchestra leader for Johnny Carson's, The Tonight Show), Gilley's in Texas and in Nashville, TN (Mickey Gilley, Country Entertainer) and many more venues, plus syndicated radio interviews/shows.

After returning to Sacramento, he had received a call from a prominent attorney from Nashville, TN asking Roy to move to Nashville so he could work with Roy.  After hearing his vocal ability and seeing a lot of potential as an artist, he told Roy he needed to feel comfortable with a producer of his choice.  So, the attorney sent Roy to several producers and everyone said he was more rock than country.  One producer said to Roy that Clyde Brooks was more on the edge and would be best suited for Roy's material.  Roy met Clyde Brooks and they hit it off with one snag, that Clyde was tied up for the next two to three years with existing clients.  Thus, Roy said he would wait for him.  Clyde didn't want Roy to play until they worked together so, Roy landed an acting job in a movie based on Tammy Wynett's life, however, shortly after being hired, the actors guild learned there was no one from Nashville in the movie and closed it down until they interviewed and picked people from around Nashville.  The people Roy was staying with couldn't believe he had landed an acting gig within a week of arriving there, and when he lost the job as quickly as had been hired, they persuaded him to get a regular job.  Not until it was too late was Roy was ever informed that the set had called him back.

After that, Roy worked for several different jobs.  One was at Mc Donald's where they had a radio station, which Roy helped get up and running.  He then worked fulltime at a financial company while

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simultaneously working fulltime at a local martial arts studio.  While working two fulltime jobs simultaneously, he started his own trucking business, driving a semi-tractor and trailer part-time, along with being a part-time handyman for writing music and making maintaining an active social life.

Roy was once injured very badly by a cab-over-camper shell dropping on his head, nearly paralyzing him from the neck on down.  This happened the day before his scheduled first pro fight.  He was pulled from the fight because he couldn't lift his arms due to the injury.  Roy's attitude was, I still have my feet coach.

This injury temporarily hindered Roy's ability to play the guitar, or even just hold the instrument for a single night.  Roy went through therapy with no success.  He, therefore, invented his own therapy by going to the gym working his arms while lounging in the jacuzzi.  To add to this noteworthy turn of affairs, Roy additionally damaged his vocal cords in an auto accident.  The doctor told him they could do surgery to fix his vocal cords, but that he might not be able to ever sing again.  Fearing for the loss of his singing voice, Roy never went for the surgery.  Roy's attitude of never giving up, of not wanting to be in a wheelchair and being determined to sing again, Roy triumphed over his injuries and continues to this day to give high-energy performances to his fans.

His talent, good looks, sensuality, perseverance, charisma, and good humor endears him to his fans.

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