The achievements that Roy has made as an independent artist and as a person/Roy Gray, the man himself, are astounding. Winning many awards and honors in the sports industry and Music industry to owning his own business’s as well as donating his time and money, raising funds and performing for children with crippling diseases such as the March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and others like children's hospitals as well as performing at children’s hospitals and churches.



Wrestling – In 1975, Roy Gray and his father attended the Northern spring tournaments in wrestling, earning Roy enough points to go to the tryouts for the AAU Freestyle Wrestling Championships. Winning his weight division, Roy was able to participate in the AAU Freestyle Championships, a two-day event held in Southern California, pinning all his opponents and became the AAU Freestyle Champion.  His weight division had 62 opponents.

In his whole wrestling career, Roy has never been pinned.

Martial Arts – Working hard at mastering his arts, Roy was undefeated as an amateur. Throughout his martial arts career, no one was able to succeed in applying the chokehold, armbars, or leg locks.  When Roy was about to go professional, he met with an unfortunate accident the day before his first pro fight, causing his coach to pull him from the fight.


MUSIC – Roy's title track to his album, “Don’t Give It Up”, was the honorary theme song for the bay areas, Muscular Dystrophy Association. Roy was honored with a speech from the director in charge of the event, letting everyone know that Roy had raised the most funds for that day at their location.
Roy has also gone on to sell over 10,000 of his Don’t Give It Up records, CD’s and tapes. His music has been played throughout the USA, Europe, and the internet receiving great reviews.


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